Introducing Number Six Menswear

Hello, and welcome to our new site. I am Sam, menswear manager/buyer. If you have been in to our store, you may have seen me, definitely heard me. I am the incredibly loud, tall one that dresses slightly better than the other one.

I thought I would introduce myself as I am going to be uploading a few bits and bobs on here as often as I can, regarding anything to do with men's fashion, brands, styling, icons and all round pointless stuff that I may find interesting, cool, or funny.

Our stores 4 year anniversary is October this year, and my word has it come round quick. From the first day opening to now, I have seen our store change and grow naturally and beautifully. As lame and cliche as it may sound, work has turned in to a home, colleagues have turned family and customers have turned friends. You can clean the puke out your lap when you've finished reading this.

The main thing we have always wanted for our customers is to have the best shopping experience they can, we wanted each and every customer to feel welcome, 'unpressured' and relaxed as possible (still with a hint of professionalism of course). As a buyer, I try to introduce two new brands a season to keep it exciting and not too 'samey', also keeping in mind the price ranges and the balance between casual, contemporary, smart and classic.

Anyway, that's a little bit about me and how I view our store. Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Keep an eye out for my posts, as they will all be bloody brilliant (some of them may even have almost no spelling mistakes) I look forward to seeing you in our store.