The Camp Collar Shirt

The Camp collar, also know as a Cuban collar is back! And me myself (Sam) could not be happier about it! Always looking for a reason to dress more and more like Don Draper , the influx of 50's and 60's inspired styles in to SS19 has helped me along my way. 

don draper camp collar cuban style menswear number six chelmsford
Unlike the traditional oxford or penny square shirt, the camp collar has almost no structure so it lies flat to your chest and shoulders, freeing your neck for the higher temperature days.
This style of shirt often lends itself well to a pattern or print adding fun and novelty for BBQ days and beach/pool parties. But if wanting to keep it more elegant and '50s' stick to plain tones and do not be afraid to tuck it in to a pair of chinos with a loafer like I am in the beautiful Sunspel mesh shirt in the image above.
Because of the nature and flimsiness of the unstructured collar, it doesn't work well underneath a jacket unless worn outside of the lapel which is called 'The Pop Collar' and if you are brave enough to do this, I salute you! Find a few styles online and over ten different shirts in store ranging from loud and colourful to conservative and discrete in style.

sunspel cuban camp collar menswear mesh streetstyle