Constructed from locally adapted research patterns, Barena mimics the qualities of traditionally durable workwear, always with a modern aesthetic twist. Loose shapes, quiet precise tailoring, exquisite fabrics, attention to detail and confident versatility are the pillars of our design philosophy. Each garment is crafted with sincere attention, by steady hands of our skilled artisans. Finely hued in navy, black, white, khaki and the occasional touch of green of red, the bi-annual collections are subtle yet expressive. Natural fabrics, resilient finishes and a realistic silhouette, form a personal salute to the natural history surrounding us. Barena proposes timeless classics that navigate comfortably between heritage, contemporary tendencies and innovative curiosity.
Ribega Cielo On sale


Ribega Cielo

£50.00 £155.00

Naci Bianco On sale


Naci Bianco

£60.00 £150.00

Nitro Navy On sale


Nitro Navy

£75.00 £245.00

Torceo Sabbia On sale


Torceo Sabbia

£115.00 £375.00

Canal Salvia On sale


Canal Salvia

£120.00 £399.00

Solana Bianco On sale


Solana Bianco

£88.00 £175.00