Welcoming Sunspel to Number Six
My wife tuts the same words most times I come home with a new purchase from work, every time she opens my wardrobe and every time I get dressed when we are heading out for a meal or drink - “what is it with you and navy polo shirts”.
The thing she doesn’t realise is it isn’t just me, it is 90% of men I know and men I serve clothes to. The navy polo is the holy grail of casual attire and one of the easiest garments to wear and Sunspel I feel have made the perfect navy polo.
Originally the Riviera polo shirt was designed for Daniel Craig in his first appearance as James Bond in Casino Royale. He wears it with beige chinos, incredibly baggy chinos looking back at it, but at that time we probably regarded it as a slim fit! None the less the Riviera polo is as classic and untimely then as it is now. Starting back in 1860, Sunspel have made some of the most beautiful T-Shirts England has seen, but now their Riviera is their best seller over their classic tees and although we have only had them in four days, they have been selling rapidly.
We are now selling the Riviera polo shirt in store and online as well as more Sunspel clothing and can’t wait for you to see it!