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Colourful Standard

Colorful Standard Merino Wool Hat

Colorful Standard Merino Wool Hat

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For warming you up or hiding a bad hair day. Either way, the merino wool hat is the perfect solution. Made from 100% recycled merino wool, our hat’s breathable fibers will keep you warm and cozy during winter months, and cool once the sun decides to come back around.
Lemon Yellow
Environmentally Friendly Dyed Yarn
Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

For 100% Recycled Extra-Fine Merino Wool products: 

Wool items should be hand washed or dry cleaned
Do not tumble dry wool items 
If you wish to iron wool items, the iron must be set to the appropriate wool setting
Do not bleach wool items
Do not dry directly in the sun

Made in Portugal

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